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Chrisy started out making simple garden art, such as “butterflies, manatees and Kokopelis” for family and friends.  Now, her hobby has blossomed into a career Which includes travel seeking new creative idea’s she can use in her creative endeavors after her retirement from the Daytona Beach
Fire Department ! From Firehouse to Forge !

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1998 Welding Class At DBCC, Now Daytona College. Daytona Beach, FL

While working with the Daytona Beach Fire Department, she performed several functions and sometimes there was some Clowning around on the Job as Smokebuster the clown, an educational program of the Fire Department for children.

Blacksmith classes were very interesting, I learned many tips & tricks

 Member: ABANA     (Artist Blacksmiths Assoc. of North America)
              FABA       (Florida Artist Blacksmiths Assoc.)
              NOMMA    (Non-ferrous, Ornamental, and Miscellaneous Metals Assoc.)

Fire House Forge is an artistic blacksmithing, metal forming and welding studio base in Daytona Beach, Florida. Artist and owner Chrisy Lemmond/Nevers specilizes in custom interior and exterior metal decor and designs. Her passion lies in sculpting realistic and sometimes abstract functional and non functional pieces....

Metal at times can seem very ridged, long cold rolled tubes of copper, 4X8 sheets of hot rolled steel, copper and brass, However when heated, forged, cut and bent are transformed into unique, warm, soft and even sensual pieces of art for all to enjoy.

The studio works in many different recycled and re purposed metals such as copper, steel, brass and aluminum. The studio offers a blacks smith forge, oxyacetylene torch and has mig welding and plasma cutting capabilities. Chrisy has studied metal working since 1998...She has taken 11 metal smith classes at the J.C. Campbell folk school in Brasstown, N.C. along with 4 week long classes with the Florida SE Goldsmith society. And her metal class started at Daytona Collage welding program for several years in 1998.

Her first recollections welding was of her father Basil…saying… do look when he struck a ark on his home built welder…. The fascination still controls much of her life every day…!

That’s Been a
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