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Chrisy started out making simple garden art, such as “butterflies, manatees and Kokopelis” for family and friends.  Now, her hobby has blossomed into a career Which includes travel seeking new creative idea’s she can use in her creative endeavors after her retirement from the Daytona Beach
Fire Department ! From Firehouse to Forge !

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Her award-winning metal sculptures are created from recycled steel, copper, brass and even parts off of old fire trucks.  “Buddy, the junk yard dog,” and “Elvis,” the pieces-parts Basset hound, has been very popular.  Her “velociraptor” of Jurassic Park fame, always draws attention.

Some of her sculptures develop a naturally-weathered patina (i.e., rust), while others are more protected from the weather.  Her garden creations are meant to be displayed in outdoor settings, with minimal maintenance requirements.  They seem to become a natural part of their environment,
to be enjoyed for years to come.

At Firehouse Forge, sparks and fire are flying from hot, glowing steel as Firefighter/Paramedic Chrisy emerges from the smoke with a spectacular    “T-Rex” in fighting form.  It is this style of art that keeps Chrisy, her MIG welder and her coal forge operating.

She is sculpting, bending, polishing and constantly creating new designs that keep people interested in her original metal sculptures.  A four-piece “Sea Serpent” for your yard or garden is one of her latest creations.  It melds well with her  “King Trident and Queen Ariel” that have been two of her best sellers.